Use columns and an organized grid layout to design around lots of text. Great editorial design from Showgun.

Eiko Ojala’s digital papercut illustrations turn into GIFs - Digital Arts

Estonian illustrator Eiko Ojala is known for his digital papercut illustrations and now he’s adding extra dimension to his work through GIFs.

newspaper spread.

Titanic anniversary:Gulf News opted black and white centre speard - NEWSPAPER…

Newspaper Layout by Kristine Campbell, via Flickr

The odd columns really caught my eye because they are so atypical. Also, I like the repeated colors; it gives unity to the piece. I also appreciate the simplicity of folio.

US Constitution Print - Americana

US Constitution Print - Americana - Shops Uncovet

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Fundació Palau - Erola Boix Graphic Designer

Fundaci Palau by Erola Boix.

The Society of Newspaper Design now featured on Fab.

Society of newspaper designs - Glaser

Newspaper spread

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