www.ispafrica.co.za found this Veuve-Clicquot stand interesting.

【画像 4/5】ヴーヴ・クリコがオイルサーディン缶に イエローラベルをセット

This ad utilizes typography in the form of a word being positioned as a shoe advertising a shoe sale. It captures attention and makes a clear point. http://www.noupe.com/how-tos/creative-and-effective-ad-designs.html

This is a very cool type and advertising marketing which the designer used the word sale to combine with the high heel shoe that woman normally wear. And I think the alphabet S in the image is quite interesting.

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White Diamonds CES by Vince Fraser from his illustration portfolios on Dripbook. Vince Fraser is a freelance digital illustrator based in London who has w

Instore displays for sports brand ANTA

In-store displays out of ANTA shoe boxes to represent 3 Chinese basketball players, sponsored by ANTA - by Shotopop and JWT Shangai for sports-brand ANTA

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