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You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the king of the potato people and plead with him for your freedom… and you’re telling me that you’re completely sane?” — Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie) from Quarantine, Red Dwarf

I found some Red Dwarf on Pinterest! Pinning blitz to follow :)

His programming prevents him calling Rimmer a smeg head, but he tries hard.

If you know know it.....If you don't, Red Dwarf! LOL

Red Dwarf was one of my favorite comedy shows of all time.If you can remember any quotes or favorite episodes post them here Red Dwarf fans.

Lister to Red Dwarf: We Have in our midst a complete smeg pot.

Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Sharp Lister to Red Dwarf; We have in our midst a complete smeg-pot.

Red Dwarf. Every nerd's adventure starts with this show.

"The Boys from the Dwarf"! You are not truly a nerd until you have watched Red Dwarf!

I pinned this because... Ace Rimmer. Ace. He saves me in my dreams.

Personally, I prefer Rimmer from our dimension. Ace Rimmer (c) Red Dwarf Ace Rimmer

Tongue Tied- Red Dwarf, one of my all time favourite scenes.

One of the absolute best scenes of Red Dwarf. Lister's pissed-off face makes the whole thing that much funnier.

Where do all the calculators go? (Red Dwarf) by jezkemp

Red Dwarf: Gifts & Merchandise

Where do all the calculators go? (Red Dwarf) by jezkemp - Silicon Heaven!

Good ole Red Dwarf...

The stars of RED DWARF (the space ship) : Cat, Lister, Arnold J Rimmer, Kryton - a comedy sci-fi.