the lombardi house | 1717 bronson ave.

Lombardi House, a 1904 Victorian farmhouse and stable, was completed summer Host your shebang in the blank-slate event barn.

I love the winter. I love the cold days and all the snow. I love christmas and shining candles in the darkness. I love skiing in meters of powder snow. I love the winter.

Design Chic: House Tour: Marcia Tucker Design - Should I use white washed brick instead of stone for my chimneys?

House Tour: Marcia Tucker Design

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stick_williamsporthd_lycoming_800px.jpg (800×670)

Unlike the Gothic Revival style, the Stick style treats wall surfaces, not just doorways, cornices, windows and porches as decorative elements.

queenanne_rouechehouse_crawford_800px.jpg (800×525)

the Queen Anne style typifies the architecture of the Victorian age. With its distinctive form, abundance of decorative detail, corner tower, expansive porches and richly patterned wall surfaces, the Queen Anne style is easy to identify.

shingle_yeakle_millerhouse_montgomery_800px.jpg (800×640)

shingle_yeakle_millerhouse_montgomery_800px.jpg (800×640)

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pa_german_greenhouse_york_800px.jpg (800×573)

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