Clematis 'Gillian Blades'

Gillian Blades Clematis: Beautiful ruffly flowers open with a hint of blue and mature to a pure white. Blooms in late spring and again in late summer. Its compact habit makes it a great choice for patio containers.

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal'

clematis 'Rouge Cardinal': full sun or part shade, moist but well drained soil, ph alkaline-neutral, flowers summer-autumn

Clematis 'John Huxtable'

Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery--Clematis--'John Huxtable'

Greek horehound

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Chinese fountain grass

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wormwood 'Powis Castle'

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yarrow 'Taygetea'

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curry plant

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variable-leaved sea holly

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blue eryngo 'Bethlehem'

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