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Exterior Architectural light fittings & effects
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a building that has some plants in front of it and lights on the wall behind it
Slate detail
Rugged slate detail is highlighted with #subtle #uplighting
an outdoor water feature in the middle of a walkway with plants and lights around it
Amazing LED glow reflected in this water feature
#roofterrace water feature captures the glow from #ledlights #waterfeatures #londonroofterrace
a plant with green leaves in the sunlight
Uplighting detail
Amazing #leaf #detail using uplighting
a close up of a metal object on a wooden surface with light coming from it
Square Louvre deck light
Square #louvre #decklighting from #Collingwood with a cast stainless steel finish
there is a fountain in the middle of some rocks
Collingwood mini LED spike light
#collingwood 1w #luxeon LED fitting
a close up of a white light on a ceiling with wood slats in the background
Collingwood adjustable down light
#Collingwood adjustable down light in anodised aluminium finish
an outdoor hot tub in the middle of a wooden decked area with lights on it
Flexi LED bench lighting
Flexi LED #exteriorlighting creates a glowing bench
a close up of a metal cup on a table with plants in the back ground
Micro spike spot lighting in planter
Adjustable #spikespot lighting, ideal for planters
a close up of a light that is on the ground
Stainless steel waymarker light from Elipta
#waymarker used for subtle lighting of paths, steps and walkways
an outdoor living wall with plants growing on it's sides and lights in the background
Great #uplighting on these artificial green walls
#artificialgreenwalls uplift with #Collingwood high powered #LED Bracket lights
a light that is on the side of a wooden table with screws in it
Collingwood square LED light
#Collingwood square LED dick light set into Balau hardwood
a light that is on the side of a wooden wall
Eyelid deck lighting
#ledlighting set into #Millboard golden oak decking
a close up of a light on a wooden door
Collingwood deck light
Class square LED deck lighting from #collingwood set into #exterpark Ipe decking