Chalky grey texture inspiration; deteriorating concrete exposed to the elements

Chalky grey texture deteriorating concrete exposed to the elements, be nice for a chimney breast or feature wall

Sketchbooks are a place to gather, research, investigate and explore ideas. Inspired by John Coplans, the sketchbook page above contains a series of beautiful photographs investigating human skin, texture and form. These include different viewpoints, exploration of shadows and lighting conditions. If you are worrying that your sketchbook is not stunning or exciting enough, remember that it is the quality of your work that matters. Seek first to make quality art.

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Many high school Photography students are unsure how to present flat, printed photographic images in a creative and visually appealing way. This article provide

Stitched Linen and Concrete

Stitched Linen Tactility Factory applies Digital Stitching to Linen concrete to give a unique finish. Stitching can be used to enhance pattern, introduce detail or text onto linen concrete.

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