:: Charcoal and Bone VIII by ~napoleoman. http://napoleoman.deviantart.com/gallery/9157842#/d1apole ::

quick drawing of a skeleton I did between 2 classes in the drawing studio. I wanted to draw the model who was there, but the class was so freakin packed. Charcoal and Bone VIII

drips are piercing different grades of shading and where one drip starts it runs into another lighter or darker tone.

unknowneditors: “ Giorgia Napoletano Italian artist Giorgia Napolteano uses photographs of herself, combined with digital effects, to create dark and obscure recreations. Giorgia uses her work as.

Animal skull biro drawing, animal structure project, Kat Russell

Animal skull biro drawing, animal structure project, Kat Russell (DONE)

(Artist Unknown). Mixed media exploration.

mixed media artwork on corrugated cardboard by an A-level student at Matravers School in Westbury, Wiltshire, UK

Dan Beckemeyer's felted anatomy                                                                                                                                                      More

Dan Beckemeyer's Felted Anatomy

Amazing illustration of the skeletal system with muscle mass that is hand-felted onto handmade abaca paper and stitched-in cardiovascular system. Piece is called "Systems" by Dan Breckermeyer My inner geek. It swoons.

Shelly Stracey, dead roses

Shelly Stracey, dead roses, totally considering adding this to my sleeve

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