Emily L

Emily L

Outer Space / The best friends in the world : the ones who don't look at you weirdly when you talk about world domination... I'm so lucky!
Emily L
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Something I heard a very serious looking business woman in a power suit talking on the phone say this morning on the train.<=== Tom's dirty,whorish, rolled up sleeves. It's a real problem. <---- a very big problem.

Tony Stark Put on your war paint Black, grey, white Double sided axe Green tea with honey and sugar/cold lemon iced tea.

Twilight < Never read it, but I would have read about those other characters.

celticpyro: “ cvpcakestho: “ asensuality: “ What’s her name ” Her name is Theresa Kachindamoto and here’s the article x ” Amen to her! ”>> A true hero!

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