Inhabiting Bodies. Have students illustrate what might "live" inside a body part. Interesting! Roi Love this so much, imagine this is what our bodies really look like inside :).... #body #art

Awesome Illustrations by Enkel Dika

Artist Captures Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects (By PeeOwhY) Check more at

Artist Captures Miniature People Dealing With Everydayness​!kills Life Objects (By PeeOwhY)

Artist Jen Joaquin - I love her use of bright vibrant colours as they make the picture captivating and the person's body have lots of interesting shapes and shadows.

"Figure Self Portrait" - Jen Joaquin, 2008 {contemporary figurative art discreet nude female seated woman back painting}

Sketchbooks are a place to gather, research, investigate and explore ideas. Inspired by John Coplans, the sketchbook page above contains a series of beautiful photographs investigating human skin, texture and form. These include different viewpoints, exploration of shadows and lighting conditions. If you are worrying that your sketchbook is not stunning or exciting enough, remember that it is the quality of your work that matters. Seek first to make quality art.

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and generally the most under appreciated. Aside for cosmetic reasons, people don’t really take care of their skin. The health benefits to maintaining a healthy epidermis can help increase your overall health.


I have always loved journal style collage art. Halima Akhtar from Woldingham School, Caterham, Surrey, UK. Beautiful collage like textile folio.

A great IB Visual Arts project by Naomi Ng from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

People in the City: Stunning IB Artwork

Original pinner sez: A great IB Visual Arts project by Naomi Ng from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong:


Advanced higher art essay plan Hi all ^.^ I'm doing the expressive project with the relevant artist study and was wondering if the essay should be centered around the topic itself, or

Raluca Vulcan ©2012

"Sarah by French artist Raluca Vulcan, standing nude female mixed-media drawing.

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Drawing Portraits - borisschmitz: Gaze one-continuous-line-drawing by Boris Schmitz, 2014 Click