George Skinner

George Skinner

George Skinner
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I like this one personally because I like geography so this to me is just interesting and cool

DIY: Mod podge a map to a lampshade.I really like the many suggestions for recycling old maps and atlases. You could even concentrate your shade on specific locations that someone likes to personalize the shade for them.

I like this one for the same reason as the jungle one because it would put the shadow on the wall and it would look really good

PETER PAN IS MY FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE.therefore i am loving ever second of this idea. Cut out peter pan stick on top of lamp shade. peters shadow is projected and your bedroom just became 5 milion times more magical; perfect idea for kids room

I chose this one simply because it is unique and I think that it a great way to keep it flat pack

Second in our series about Flat Pack Designer Lampshades is the MINI HULA, created by Laura Wellington.

I also like this one because of its flat pack idea and it is quite simple but not to simple so it works well

Fan Deckby David Walley: Flat pack shade made of birch plywood petals to fan out…

I also like this one because of its simplistic idea

Tab shade borrows manufacturing techniques from the packaging industry, and uses them in a pioneering way never seen before. Real wood veneer are delicately die