Dan Cretu article - His quirky images have seen him attract over 100,000 Tumblr follows and almost 6,000 Instagram followers.

Artist creates mind-boggling photos you would never guess are of FOOD

Social media star Dan Cretu, from Romania, turns the contents of his fridge into colourful sculptures of everyday objects - but he has to make and snap them in

Absolutely Ace: Food and objects come together in Dan Cretu's bonkers, brilliant work

Salami Cassette Tape, Pegasus-Unicorn-Shaped Chicken Nugget Is Amazing and other amazing food creations. On 'health' cause these make us smile and smiling is healthy.

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I blend food sculpture with photography. I am open for wholesale inquiries and other requests, such as larger photographs, canvas prints, and any other ways you would like my art to get to you.

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Coup de coeur : les food sculptures de Dan Cretu

These quirky sculptures from Dan Cretu are crafted entirely out of food to resemble the most average of household objects. Read more: Dan Cretu Transforms Colorful Food into Playful, Edible Sculptures

Dan Cretu

Food as Everyday Objects by Dan Cretu

'Hot Chopper!' by Dan Cretu, via 500px

Fine Art Food Photography Print - Pepper Chopper - Fresh Vegetables -Kitchen Art - Home Decor - Wall Decor - Conceptual Photography

Eco Art by Dan Cretu - News - Frameweb

Eco Art by Dan Cretu

Romanian ‘eco artist’ Dan Cretu combines his passion for photography with a grocery bag’s worth of food to form his unique creations.

Dan Cretu a professional photographer specialized in eco art....blends food sculpture with photography.

Photographer and visual artist Dan Cretu based in Bucharest, Romania who creates all sorts of fun everyday objects like cameras, radios, and bicycles using cut fruit and vegetables. Cretu says the …