"Fragments" by IleanaHunter.deviantart.com on #deviantART. Love how the white space functions with the highly rendered face.

Original Portrait Pencil Drawing Fine Art Hands by IleanaHunter

Antoine Stevens 1

The multiple faces with different emotions all suggest mental disorders such as multiple personalities, bipolar of schizophrenia. This works well with my theme of humans, emotions and mental issues

Paintings by Joshua Miels | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Paintings by Joshua Miels

Painting by Joshua Miels. Joshua Miels is an Australian contemporary portrait artist who aims to “capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hide from others”.

Reading, UK Artist: Carl Beazley

Reading, UK artist Carl Beazley

Who: UK artist Carl Beazley What:'Pigeon!'-oil on canvas Why: I like this piece of surreal and distorted portrait as Beazley created illusions of different faces of the same person to show confusion to the audience.

Expressive paintings using broad brushstrokes by Fred Calmets

Fred Calmets, Face serie Face 130 cm X 162 cm, ©

Andy Butler Spanish eyes

Pencil, graphite and acrylic paint artwork, based on the circle. She has beautiful eyes so I wanted to emphasise this fact by drawing three. This is a painting which I loved painting and I think .

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Jeremy Olson's Geometric Paintings

Jeremy Olson untitled, oil on panel, 12 x 9 inches

Luke Dixon #Art

The Tongue - Colour - Luke Dixon Artist