A Hand-some Guy

Unique Portrait -Bob Rohrbaugh, wrinkled hands over wrinkled face, eyes on tops of hands all becomes one big wrinkle


Ripped photos by Jacob a. Mailbomb Maybe an idea for the mental illnesses and feelings project : have the rip from cut marks and underneath write words like irk mean ones?

Bike study

RISD Bike Study *Take photo of bike and cut it apart. *Each student gets one square and must enlarge the image. *Use drawing as a value study.


Can use for periodic bruising. Good coloring for developed bruise and avoids healing colors (yellow, brown, green)

away | solitude | scary | image | photography | moving | red

i chose it because it shows that what ever evil this little child is going threw is unseen by others, and she cant talk about it. LOVE IT The wounds made it impossible to see or speak the evil that was being done.

Centre of attention: A fourth features the model in a series of black and white montage sh...

Miranda Kerr strikes a busty pose in Cosmopolitan Australia


For his photos series 'Triptychs of Strangers', Germany-based street photographer Adde Adesokan takes photographs of strangers and creates wonderful triptychs