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Man made vs nature by Wilco Westerduin / 500px

Man made vs nature by Wilco Westerduin i love the concept of how no matter how hard society tries to conquer nature.

Check out this @Behance project: “WET NEON”

Please visit Abstracted Street Puddles Awash in Neon by Slava Semeniuta to read interesting posts.

Sound smashing glass, The strength of sound energy can be seen in this images as it smashes the wine glass.  (Bgsu, 2013)

go to the thrift store and buy a whole bunch of 50 cent glassware find a quiet shed or garage and throw them against the ground letting out all that built up frustration and scream at them if it helps

Marvellous bits of sand washed and tumbled beach near Abersoch for cute inspirational patterned bits like these and washed glass too.....Porth Dinllaen.

Blue and white surf tumbled English sea potteryblue and white English sea pottery great for jewellery, mosaics and other crafts. Handpicked by me from my local beach on the beautiful Northumberland Coast in the North East of England.

"A brilliance takes up residence in flaws—  a brilliance all the unchipped faces of design refuse.  The wine collects its starlets  at a lip's fault, sunlight where the nicked     glass angles, and affection where the eye     is least correctable, where arrows of  unquivered light are lodged, where someone   else's eyes have come to be concerned."    In Praise of Pain, Heather McHugh

Chapter "He stooped and picked up his glasses, ground the broken lenses to powder under his heel." (Lee Atticus' glasses represent weakness, and crushing them is crushing his weakness.

Such beautiful imagery in the reflection. Black and White Photography really has a classic appeal.

Photography is an art kind that shouldn’t be squelched. It is a kind of art. Black and white photography supplies an exceptional perspective on a lot of subjects. If you present photography e…

Harold Edgerton: Hammer Smashing Light Bulb, 1933

Harold Edgerton: Hammer Smashing Light Bulb, 1933 High speed photography He taught at MIT from becoming a full professor there in In as a graduate student, Edgerton began to experiment with flash tubes