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Inspiration for reflections series.Barbara Baldi- think about identity, privacy, the parts of ourselves we keep hidden vs. the parts we share with others.

Remnants by Greg Sand. He weaves together 3 images of a person from different points in their life.

Mona is part of the Remnants series by Greg Sand. He works with digital photography to produce his work. 'Mona' is composed of three photos cut into strips and woven together.

Paintings by Linnea Strid

Oh you know, nothing much, just a bunch of super rad paintings by Linnea Strid. Such a nice way to get the week started! And yes, I said paintings - PAINTINGS! Oh man, the things people create some.

ARCHIVES  Paul Wright - Paul Wright He Lives in a Hotel 2010    30 x 22cm

Paul Wright Wright Archive - Paul Wright He Lives in a Hotel 2010 - Oil on board<script src="/permanent/stats_update_screen_res.