Inhale (yellow) 2002 Michael Craig Martin

Inhale (yellow) 2002 Michael Craig Martin Together/ Still-life/ Scale/ Bright/ Flat/ Line/ Overlap

Fan, Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin - Fan, 2002 acrylic on canvas 113 × 83 in / 287 × cm

This artwork is called "Full Life" by Michael Craig-Martain, was created in 1985 and is made with oil paint on aluminium and steel. It is now in a Tate gallery, however, not on display. Personally I like this artwork because I like to look at it and find things I didn't notice that where there before. Here is some more information on Michael Craig-Martain

Michael Craig-Martin (b. - "Full Life", 1985 - Oil paint on aluminium and steel

Michael Craig Martin

only part of the image can be coloured in, perhaps in one tunnel, only the blue things are coloured in and everything else is black and white. then in the purple tunnel on the purple things are coloured and everything else is left black and white

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Michael Craig-Martin Overlay drawings from a still life compositions and then trace to create overlapping forms, which can be used as the ba.