Elastic skipping rope games they had rhymes to help you keep up the rythmn...I like coffee, I like tea, like .....to jump with me. Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground, (repeat) turn around,etc A sailor went to sea sea sea to see what he could see see see etc I,m a little dutch girl dressed in blue, these are the actions I must do etc and so on.

Chinese Jump Rope - played this a lot on the playground in middle school

I seemed to spend half my childhood upside down .. !

Roger Mayne - Girls Doing Handstands, Southam Street, London 1956 - vintage kids photo

We have been reading a great Big Book called Funny Bones this week. It is very funny and it is all about a big skeleton, a little skeleton .

Another Health and Safety loss in the playground......I loved this, especially when you made it swing in an oval and it would judder as it collided with the other side, if you know what I mean....

I would have all this old fashioned "dangerous" playground equipment in the inner-courtyard of my dream house

Rentaghost with Mr Davenport, Mr Mumford, and Mr Claypole. Also Miss Popov, who found later fame as Audrey in Coronation Street.

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The only soap that my Dad used to buy, when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's... but the white one.

red dye running down the side of the bath Lol! still love the smell & have a bar in my bathroom cabinet.

Not politically correct now, but i loved my golly, i own a small modern one bought before the last uproar about them being sold in the queen's giftshop, Dean's Childsplay Toys Golly, British, 1970S

Dean's Childsplay Toys Golly, British, Every British kid had a golly and I wanted one too - mine was like this with striped blue pants and I loved him. I had no idea where the Golliwog came from…

Cadbury Smash Mashed Potatoes - Loved this TV advert

Cadbury Smash Mashed Potatoes TV commercial from the Oh how I hated mashed potato,it seemed to be served at very school meal!

1970's Bird's Eye Deserts - they had to defrost before you could eat them, they were a weekend treat

Bird's Eye Deserts - they had to defrost before you could eat them, they were a weekend treat