I used to wear these socks at first school. One day I got told off for threading grass through the holes

They used to leave the pattern marks on your legs and feet and make you itch!

Before the days of the Lottery....The Pools

The Pools - wonderful memories of my dad checking them every Saturday evening

The Black and White Minstrel Show - we hadn't heard of PC in those days!

The Black and White Minstrel Show - the highlight of Saturday night telly!

Lining up in school playground '60s.

School age children were expected to behave very well, or punishment would be given. This picture of children lining up for school in the perfectly demonstrates how strict schools were at this time.

C&A Like many others BHS and Woolworth's they went bust

I❤80s 🕹 on

CA the only place to go for a party frock - gasp! I remember this closing down and EVERYTHING! It was huuuuge! I remember buying first dress it was with first wages it cost

Best 70s Cartoons | List of Top 1970s Animated Shows

The Best, Most Fab Cartoons from the 70s

ARgENTUM ~ JESTER ~ la potion infinie #jester #blackandwhite #RogerMayne

Roger Mayne - Girls Doing Handstands, Southam Street, London 1956 - vintage kids photo

one of my favourite childhood books .. I have this exact copy, although looking rather a Iittle worse for wear .. I will always treasure it ...

The Story Of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman. My very favourite book. I knew it word for word ( no, it didn't turn me into a racist)

Perhaps it was just because there were far fewer children’s programmes on when I was a child, and within that, fewer programmes preaching about how to keep yourself safe than there are today, but watching television in the 1970s and 80s was, to me at least, pretty terrifying. - See more at: http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory.php?memID=4185

Charlie Says

"Charlie Says." Don't talk to strangers, always ask mum, don't play with matches. Those adverts scared the life out of me, but I loved the way the cat ate the fish. This advert has many good lessons for children but very dated

GOSH! Remember Catweazle?

Catweazle BY Richard Carpenter S Hand - REMEMBER CATWEAZLE- travelling from medieval times to our times. He has a "bone ache" (headache) such fun to watch

Robertson's Jam Golliwog brooches: Many white people think these images benign, many black on the other hand do not. Personally I don't like them and believe they have a history steeped in racism.

Collecting Robertson's Jam Golliwog brooches My Grand father Bob Russell was a lorie driver for this company .