Charlotte Caron - paint on perspex/ glass with a contrasting image.

Charlotte Caron - paint on perspex/ glass with a contrasting image.: People are animals, bring in politics and the current world etc. what I think about society/ people at the moment.

New idea for portrait drawing . . . Mix up the face into shapes! 280 x 408

ARTFINDER: Monochrome by andy butler - Pencil and graphite drawing on canvas. A very striking and powerful image of a beautiful woman. She had wonderful big eyes so I emphasised them by adding mo.

lisa milroy - Google Search

A piece of artwork by Lisa Milroy. I chose this because it shows many records, layed out in a pattern/order.

Thought Petals - Digital Art of Andrew Kavanagh

Thought Petals - Digital Art of Andrew Kavanagh. I like this picture because the pieces that make up the face look like petals which works well with the soft expression on the girls face because petals are associated with being soft and elegant.

The Club James Dean Amy Winehouse Buddy Holly Sid Vicious Kurt Cobain Jimmi Hendrix Skull Skelton

Flying Geese - Peter Markham Scott

Art UK is the online home for every public collection in the UK. Featuring over oil paintings by some artists.

Neil McBride.

Limited Edition Art Print of crowd of people by British artist McBride – Neil McBride Art


Patterns nei bellissimi acquerelli di michelle morin

shannon rankin - Google Search

shannon rankin - Google Search