I love this little gem tucked between two larger buildings. How wise not to tear it down. Manchester, England

I love this little gem tucked between two larger buildings. How wise not to tear it down. If i could buy any building in Manchester and make it a jewellery shop, id choose this one - its so beautiful, i LOVE IT!

Cathedral and Shambles Square, Manchester, England (by Bus Stop on Flickr)

Manchester Cathedral and Shambles Square viewed from Manchester's observation wheel. My Grandad proposed to my Gran Dorothy at the pub in the bottom left corner.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England  Leeds Market  This is likely where my Grandfather Booth worked as trading goods...

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England Leeds Market The magnificent Kirkgate market features briefly in A Murder for Christmas.

Library Walk, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, 2003, photograph by Ian M. Butterfield.

Library Walk, Manchester by Ian M Butterfield - Things to do in Manchester aside for joining the Social Media: The Essential Toolkit training course that takes place on December

Abigail Reynolds, St. James Gate 1935 / 1991  2010

Collider by Abigail Reynolds at AMBACH & RICE

Many students who explore motion photography ideas leap towards flashy digital manipulation tricks, without first making use of hand-generated collage techniques. This photomontage has been manually assembled upon a wooden surface, with images overlapped in sequence to imply movement. It was inspired by the great photography series of Edward Muybridge and is an excellent way of investigating conceptual ideas for subsequent works.

100+ Creative Photography Ideas

Cut and Overlap a sequence of photos to create a sense of movement, as in this A Level Photography project by Harriet James-Weed: - See more at: www.

Photographs Made from Woven Film Strips by Seung Hoon Park weaving cityscapes

Photographs Made from Woven Film Strips by Seung Hoon Park. An interesting way of formatting photographs.


Shaun Kardinal, one of a set of embroidered vintage postcards: Alteration…

Light Painting Photography Janne Parviainen is an artist from Helsinki, Finland. He creates light painting photography straight from the camera without any digital manipulation. Photos are manipulated manually using different kind of light sources during long exposure times.

Straight from the camera, 25 minutes of exposure. After seeing the amazing new stuff from tcb I really needed to try to push my boundaries too! Thanks for the inspiration!

The Passage of Time Captured in Layered Landscape Collages by Fong Qi Wei timelapse sunset collage

In his time lapse series called 'Time is a Dimension', Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei doesn't use a typical long exposure trick.