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an orange and black toy vehicle with wheels on it's side, sitting in the middle of a white background
TwitchCon 2016
TwitchCon 2016 on Behance
how to make a couch out of cardboard and other things you can do with it
My evil twin gave this back too me...
kairibloodheart: “ chikuto: “ A quick cheat sheet for making your environments look a bit more lived-in and weathered! You can request your own personal tutorial on my Patreon! ” aaaaaaand working on...
some rocks and plants in the middle of different stages of animation, with green leaves growing on them
PROPS: STONES on Behance
2000's Generic Sport Bike - Wireframe
2000’s Generic Sport Bike – Wireframe
2000's Generic Sport Bike - Wireframe
some rocks and stones are shown in different positions, including the top one with green moss
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and they named him the οakιey and rαy bαn chainlink: i'm obsessed with sunglassés probably even more then purses!! no one will care if they're raybans or not.
a bunch of different rocks and plants on a white background
bastion game assets - Google Search
two old style fighter jets flying side by side
tank reference - Google Search
some type of tank that is yellow and brown with different parts to it's design
tank reference - Google Search
three different views of a helicopter with four propellers and two engines, all in various positions
tank reference - Google Search
some drawings of different shapes and sizes
hard surface design - Google Search
a tree that is sitting in the middle of some grass and water with leaves growing out of it
Discover Digital Art Original Work | Visual Art on DeviantArt
Browsing Environments & Tiles on DeviantArt
a tree stump with moss growing on it's sides and an animal in the center
Landscape Elements Forest
Weapon Concept Art, Fantasy Weapons, Zombie, Guns Design, Cool Guns
some different types of rocks and plants
some concepts and some final works on Mojow Locow,a game of Owlient/Ubisoft on free to play.But this web game is closed now.2011/2012