Zurich collection | rosalind wyatt

antique paper - textile - hand stitch - Rosalind Wyatt from 'Zurich' collection

Rosalind Wyatt, detail

Artist Rosalind Wyatt's collages detail her husband's family history - Wyatt's first piece in the show includes extracts from the letters and journals of Daniel Hack Tuke recounting his honeymoon tour of Europe's asylums in

rosalind wyatt

Embroidered collage by Rosalind Wyatt (embroidered stitching of handwriting on a child's matinee jacket)

Rosalind Wyatt

Bringing TOGETHER places and people - maps, clothing and text combined to represent a memory / experience of a place (‘Waulking jacket’

Rosalind Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt stitches lives on to garments, bringing people back to life and turning their lives in to art through embroidery and textiles.

Rosalind Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt's collages: Rosalind Wyatt: The Stitch Lives of Others



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