Make a bamboo insect hotel for solitary bees! So easy and cheap, and it's perfect for pollinating bees to hibernate and lay their eggs. Help your garden wildlife!

Wildlife garden: How to make an insect hotel

How to make a bamboo bumblee hotel. In this link are great insect hotel ideas to make from recycled materials!

52 invitations to play to explore the five senses :: brilliant resource! :: sensory play :: learning through play

Super Sensory Invitations to Play

52 invitations to play to explore the five senses - link to purchase a book. However there are some ideas in the book's description and in the introductory video provided.

Music Wall Makeover! | Pre-school Play - I want one of these in my backyard!!

let the children play: Simple Play Space Transformations: Sound Makers Ideas for inclusion on music wall

TRELLIS CORNER - Dens - Early Years - Cosy Direct

A corner version of the trellis den. Turn it into a creative corner, reading corner, investigation den or sensory corner.

Homemade stage for the outdoor area to promote kids freedom to express themselves.

Outdoor stage area for an EYFS with limited space! For music area We can use pallets n paint them?