Golf: Types of Stroke

here we take a look with amateur golfer Fahad Al-Rajaan at the different types of golf strokes, namely the pitch, the chip and the putt. The pitch stroke.

The Chinese Stock Market Slump

Fahad Al Rajaan - In the concluding post on investment banking, we look at recent events in China. The country recently waged war on short-selling, .

Investment Banking: Security Markets

Expert That Correctly Predicted Market Moves In July, August And September Says Stocks Will Crash In November

The Greatest Shots in Golfing History

Putting Tip - Key to Finish Golf Well - Almost Heaven Golf

The History of Kuwait

Kuwait was founded in in modern day Kuwait City. Some of Kuwait's more notable citizens include Fahad Al Rajaan.

The Kuwait National Museum

The Kuwait National Museum is frequented by both international visitors and Kuwaiti nationals such as businessman Fahad Al Rajaan.

The Culture of Kuwait

Here we join CEO Fahad Al-Rajaan in examining Kuwaiti culture, from the country’s traditional cuisine to literature to soap operas.