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hierarchical-aestheticism: Art Nouveau Mirror by Jacques Gruber ca.1900-1905

Is there a style more beautiful than Art Nouveau? Art Nouveau mirror and other fab things found here

Art nouveau furniture...

Art Nouveau bookcase-- inspired by natural branch forms and Japanese "tana" or built-in "chigaidana" with assymetrically placed display shelves, crafted in precious woods.

The skill and effort invested in this cherry mirror frame reflect the life and work of Leonid Zakurdayev, the Moscow-born artist who meticulously carved it by hand.

Zakurdayev earned a first-place award from the International Wood Carvers Congress for this hand-carved cherry mirror frame.

Amazingly beautiful. And is that a cat perch?! Awesome. I think I need it. Art Nouveau bench.

Art Nouveau bench with a shelf! (Part of an exhibition of Art Nouveau furntiure and interior design at the Musee d'Orsay)