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I can so see Poseidon and Athena getting into a shouting match and Zeus holding Athena back like, "No daughter, that is my brother you are talking about, and your uncle."<< Please Zeus would love to see his daughter do Poseidon in

Percy would screech<<<I mean who wouldnt I mean imagine someone's arm GOING THROUGH YOUR FRIGGING BODY.

i can actually imagine that happening.

hahaha i wouldnt know who pan was if i didnt read percy jackson lol.

Sayters favorite god and he shots at people to scare the crap out of them. He is my kind of god

Where you least expect me, as love always is. It's an amazing line x

Solangelo: Nico son of Hades god of death and Will son of Apollo god of healing. <<< Technically Hades is the god of the dead and Thanatos is the god of death.<<<< same thing

I won't apollogize for these Greek mythology puns

I won't apollogize for these Greek mythology puns < < < What was the joke?

Hades is so cool. If I ever find a way to go into the pjo world I will definitely go back in time and start a city who's patron is Hades

With him being the God of the underworld all riches (precious metals, gems, rare stones) belonged to him. He was actually most acknowledged by miners and their families.

Not too difficult to picture actually

Oh sweet mother Hera please make this a thing!

A Supergirl & a Luthor #Supercorp

A Supergirl & a Luthor #Supercorp

Lily Potter - afterlife

Lily Potter - afterlife

Oh Percy...

Percy Jackson is literally the greatest thing that has EVER happened