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three windows are shown on the side of an old brick building with sky reflected in them
LA RUINA HABITADA | Estudio Castillo Oli | Archello
the side of a house with wooden siding
Provincetown Art Association & Museum
an open garage door on the side of a brown building that is made out of wood shingles
Assembly - Petersen Tegl
a red building with two windows on top of snow covered ground
References - House, Switzerland; Profile 8, red Koralit N 1325; Efasal 8, red Koralit F+ 1325
the roof of a building is made of wood shingles
Wooden shingles
wooden shingles- like scalloped mixed in Scarlet
an image of a wooden fence that looks like it is made out of wood planks
Timeless architecture and interiors
Black stained vertical wood board siding. In the project Erf Overmeen in Heeten, Netherlands, designed by Happel Cornellisse Verhoeven. Photography courtesy of Happel Cornellisse Verhoeven.
a brick building with an orange door and window
Wienerberger World
When designing the extension of the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts, the architects from the agency Nero decided to use a single type of ceramic cladding for both the roof and the façade. They created an abstract reference to the renowned Bruges lacework.
two people sitting on a bench in front of a building with many windows and balconies
Gallery of ZAC Boucicaut / MG-AU - 15
ZAC Boucicaut / Michel Guthmann
the side of a wooden building with several shelves on each side and blue sky in the background
AJEANCE - Top-Trends
AJEANCE #ajeance #holztextur
a man walking down the street in front of a red building with geometric designs on it
Altamura refurbishment - Interni Magazine
Altamura refurbishment - Interni Magazine
a building made out of rocks with windows
Munarq transforms an old farmhouse into a studio in Mallorca
Study for an artist by Pau Munar