James McVey and Tristan Evans // The Vamps. They might be my favorites haha.

What the hell why is this so cute

James and Tristan. When I first saw a video of the guys I could never tell Which one was James an which one was Tristan but now I can. I always thought they just looked alike in a way.

Their so tall

James Daniel McVey,Connor Samuel John Ball and Tristan Oliver Evans

The Vamps - Con, Tris and James

Tristan Evans and James Mcvey <3

The Vamps James Lifesize Cutout

Shirts and ties boys....Tristan Evans & James McVey lol James' face

Tristan Oliver vance Evans and James Daniel McVey the vamps

your smile makes my day a whole lot better :)

Will Simpson Tristan Evans The Vamps Band The Vamps Tradley

James and Tristan

James' eyes are so pretty, they're a lot like mine except one of my eyes have half brown and half blue, the other is just blue

James McVey ▪ Tristan Evans | The Vamps | #thevampsband

James McVey ▪ Tristan Evans | The Vamps | #thevampsband