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Wataru Itou, a gifted art student from Tokyo, spent 4 years of his life building this incredible paper castle. They called it Umi, it has lights and glows in the dark.

Here's what people do with paper. for your eyes only! Japanese Art Student Wataru Itou made 4 years to craft this amazing sculpture called Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean).

paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar

Peter Gentenaar is a paper artist based in the Netherlands. He explores the sculptural potential of paper by reinventing it and turning it away from its daily use as a flat material.

Paper Sculptures - In Response to Shoshone Falls

By Wade Kavanaugh & Stephen B. Nguyen, this huge paper sculpture installed in Art Center of Sun Valley, Idaho, is a response to the Shoshone Falls. The flowing waves and ripples are an unusual piece.

paper sculpture

Peter Gentenaar is a demanding print maker. The paper mills weren’t able to provide him with the paper he wanted, so he created it himself, with a customized machine with which he designs ethereal paper sculptures.