Keep all those little bits of paper you get from traveling. Oh these are perfect #diy #crafts

23 creative ways to decorate your home with your travels

Shadow box your travel itinerary - ticket stubs, currency, maps, pictures. What a fabulous idea to do with all of your travel memorabilia, make awesome diy wall art!

wall deco

Personalised Paper Apples Art

marisa-ramirez: autora desconeguda (5) Tumblr

assemblage boxes -mano k. art boxes, this is an awesome idea for a collection - this can lower the pressure people feel to make something perfect when they know they have multiple chances.

Instagram Challenge: FOUND OBJECTS

Instagram Challenge: FOUND OBJECTS -

Makes my heart happy! This is an Assemblage of found woodland and forest items. It is all contained in a vintage wood compartment box, probably used for wood type

After numerous attempts of finding the right collection of ingredients, Professor Augustus Bafflemire finally accomplished his task.  Much...

speak without my voice: Aetheric Alchemy Cabinet.looks like my cabinet