Wedding gifts and children's activities

Because weddings can be really boring for children, we produce some lovely activities for children. We were also the first to produce the perfect wedding gift - The anniversary book, designed to last 50 years of married bliss
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Personalised Activity Pack For Kids at Weddings - Bridesmaid

At Two Little Boys we're full of ideas for childrens tables at weddings. Here a fun filled Activity Pack for Kids at Weddings perfect for your Bridesmaid.

Activity Tin for Children at Weddings

An Activity Pack Designed to Keep Kids Entertained at the Wedding Reception. Games, Puzzles, Cards, Colouring Pencils, everything a Child could want.

The Family Yearbook - Create Your Own Family Tradition

The perfect family gift for any family who wants to keep memories alive. 25 (twenty-five) years of a family history in one book, this is for anyone celebrating Thanksgiving, Diwali, Eid, Hanukka or even family holiday guest book.

This is my Day as a Bridesmaid Playbook

This is my Day as a Bridesmaid Playbook

Keeping children happy at weddings with Two Little Boys

Keeping children happy at weddings with Two Little Boys

A great gift for children attending a wedding.  Filled with puzzles and word games, things to do, things to work out and things to colour in, basically, it's does exactly what it says on the tin!  Inside the tin you'll find...  'Something to keep you happy...' Activities  'All About Me' Activities  'Still Bored?' Activity  A pack of six coloured pencils  A pack of Wedding Snap cards to play Snap (obviously) and pairs with.  A lovely way to make the little ones feel special on the big day.

Are you interested in our Keeping Children Happy At Weddings? With our Wedding Table Games for kids you need look no further.