sexy-without big words-just beautiful..

❤ Ĉlà - Ŀձ Яεցïռձ ժεl Ĉսŏяε ❤----Elegant car, Elegant legs!

1966 Sunbeam Rapier MKV Coupe. Features" 1725cc upgrade engine.

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Zelf één in Tartan Red gehad. Dit kleurtje is nóg beter.

Sunbeam Rapier Model Evolution: 56, 58, 59, 61, 63, (Chrysler buys the Rootes Auto Company in 1967), 73, 74, 76.

Sunbeam Rapier Model Evolution: (Chrysler buys the Rootes Auto Company in Nice to see some classic Sunbeam Motor Cars . the days when shapes were crafted on a drawing board by skilled designers. Love the two-tone open cars!

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