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Behind the scenes of day to day office life at 3CC.
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a chalk drawing of a christmas tree with presents under it
3CC - Content Production: Digital, Social, Film, Print
It's never too early for Christmas at @3cclondon. Here's a festive illustration ready to welcome clients to our creative HQ.
the wall is covered with photos of men in plaid shirts and pants, all showing different styles
3CC - Content Production: Digital, Social, Film, Print
Prepping and planning. All in a days work.
the words practice safe design use a concept on a purple background with yellow and blue lines
Awesome quote from Petrula Vrontikis. https://twitter.com/3CCLondon
a clock on the wall next to a blackboard
3CC (@3CCLondon) on X
Happy New Year!
four black and white photos hanging on the wall
3CC (@3CCLondon) on X
Office decor featuring some of our work.
a blackboard with the words storytech written on it in white chalk and surrounded by icons
3CC (@3CCLondon) on X
Storytech. It's what makes us tick.