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FORM IS KING! Before you even bother stretching make sure you’ve jogged in place, done jumping jacks, something. You don’t want to strain a muscle trying to stretch it if it doesn’t have fresh oxygen in it. Be careful not to over stretch in your warm up.

Light brown blazer with casual jeans and tie.a good way to dress up for a biz casual event. The contrast b/t blazer and jeans is key.pair blue with contrasting color for full effect.

Butt-Toning Pilates Workout

Pin for Later: Our 10 Most Pinned Workouts of 2014 Butt-Toning Pilates Workout If you're working to target your booty, this bum-toning Pilates video will have you flaunting your backside whenever possible.

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Hugh Jackman: dude is improving with age. 2013 ~~~ Bearded neck Richard Armitage actor is Thorin in Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey Movie , Richard Armitage reminds me of actor Hugh Jackman from The Wolverine Movies in some photos a little,