Chris Gregg

Chris Gregg

Teaching assistant in Sheffield, England
Chris Gregg
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plain smart.  plants started in toilet paper tubes!

I've been saving containers to start seeds and this is just profect. toilet paper rolls to start your plants, when ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground, roll will decompose

So smart! Grow lettuce, etc in gutters attached to the fence.....definitely have to try this.

Keep rabbits from eating! RAIN GUTTERS: Don’t have the yard space for a garden? Or simply just don't want to risk your kids running through it? Attach rain gutters to the side of your house to create a lovely herb and salad garden.

Make colorful outdoor blocks from scrap wood- love these

Hand painted tree rings - would recommend putting all tree rings on a board (which could be painted a coordinating color to add pop to the art piece. Really neat idea for after school kids. Might just do 9 rings in a square frame!