Tongue and groove plus mushroom walls Don't like seat on toilet

WC Toilet with high level cistern


Low Level Cistern - Catchpole & Rye - Tiles are sweet

Victorian | Perrin and Rowe

Victorian Archives - Perrin and Rowe

Thomas Crapper Solid Bronze '814' Low-level Cistern

Thomas Crapper solid bromze cistern - ​In style and detail these cisterns are exactly the same as our Victorian originals. Originally made from Cast Iron, which is strong but liable to rusting, these cisterns are made from Solid Bronze.

(catchpoleandrye) The Low Level Cistern

Luxury Bathrooms, Cast Iron & Copper Baths By Catchpole & Rye

Low-Level Crapper semi matte Olive green with brass fittings

Stortbak van porselein

UKAA buy and sell Thomas Crapper Low-level W. UKAA stock Thomas Crapper Low-Level W. UKAA are the Thomas Crapper Victorian Bathroom suppliers of choice. The Architectural Antiques Salvage Yard at UKAA.

Antiek fonteintje Porte Savon

Antiek fonteintje Porte Savon

Back to the Wall toilet Bergerac

Back to the Wall toilet Bergerac