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a group of mad poets try to write a poem or so a day for a month mostly in February - here is some inspiration WoPoWriMo http://wopowrimo.wigglypets.co.uk/
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a herd of sheep walking across a wooden bridge
Lilly's - thesplitpea: ...
Sheepies ”
snow covered trees and bushes on a sunny day
Icy Colour
Snow in the Cotswolds - taken for it's triple contrast of colours shared as a writing prompt for the WoPo poem a day writing challenge. Taken by Sarah Snell-Pym
several glasses and a pitcher on a table in front of a window
Is The Glass Full? | WoPoWriMo
A picture prompt for the WoPo poem a day writing challenge - picture taken by Sarah Snell-Pym during the Cheltenham Poetry Festival
a fox sitting in the snow looking up
Pin by Chris Hellberg on Wild Things | Pinterest | I am grateful and Fox
A Path Less Travelled picture prompt for the #WoPo poem a day writing challenge Challenges, Poems, Country Roads, Paths, The Sunshine, Poem A Day
A Path Less Traveled | WoPoWriMo
A Path Less Travelled picture prompt for the #WoPo poem a day writing challenge
two yellow dandelions in the middle of a field
Where the Weeds Grow | WoPoWriMo
A writing prompt photo by Sarah Snell-Pym
three mushrooms are growing on the ground
The Power of Shrooms! | WoPoWriMo
Picture of mushrooms and a writing exercise for WoPoWriMo poetry writing drive
a pink rose is blooming in the garden
Pink Rose | WoPoWriMo
To help writers out there - this is a picture of my rose bush last year :)
the snow has been covered with small animal tracks and footprints, as seen from above
Snow Mesh | WoPoWriMo
Some of my pictures are being used on the WoPoWriMo site as writing inspiration :)
a close up of a plant with leaves and trees in the backgrouund
Teasel  | WoPoWriMo
This picture was taken in Cranham - it makes a lovely image to write too!
black and white photograph of pots and pans hanging on the wall in a kitchen
Cake Mix | WoPoWriMo
Giant mixer at Jamie Olivers
an old building with lots of metal bars on it
Jagged | WoPoWriMo
Visual inspiration for writers :) Taken in the Gloucester Docks area
a chandelier hanging in front of a window filled with lots of different colored lights
Let There Be Light | WoPoWriMo
Fungal Lampshades
a large flock of birds flying in the sky at night with a full moon behind them
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
The flow of life never ending, always beginning in a dance, seeking it's completion, completing the circle of life...