Mourning.  This would have freaked me out.  And it does looking at it.

Victorian Hair Art : A Curious Way To Mourn

Christine Elfman - Cabinet Cards / Storydress II: "A series of photographs of a life-size paper mache and plaster sculpture. The dress is made of paper mache stories that I recorded of my great-grandmother’s autobiographical reminiscences.

Victorian mourning gown, ca. 1877

ravensquiffles: Part One Mourning dress in two pieces, black silk faille embroidered in black with decorative lacing c. 1877 Abiti Antichi (via winebreadandart)

"The Spirit Hath Fled" - Victorian mourning locket with black and white enamel on 9k gold

THE SPIRIT HATH FLED- Victorian 9k Gold & Enamel MOURNING Locket

memento mori - Victorian mourning locket: "The spirit hath fled"

It's eerie, but there is a beauty about it. I think it's lovely how much the Victorians honored the dead.

Morbid History : The Victorian Art of Mourning

Victorian mourning jewelry

Victorians had an obsession with death. They were fascinated by it, they took photos with their dead loves ones posed in a family type portrait, they had death rituals, they even had specific jewelry that is called Victorian Mourning Jewelry.

victorian mourning dress child | mourning-dress

Morbid History : The Victorian Art of Mourning

Mourning Dress, Gothic dark glamour at FIT. It sorta makes sense to wear something like this when you are mourning.

Victorian Mourning Photography | 1878 : Victorian Mourning - Pictify - your social art network

Four Women Crying Tintype plate, circa 1878 Expressions of grief, especially crying, became a subject of memorial photography in the These photographs, with their emphasis on the bereaved.

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