Mourning.  This would have freaked me out.  And it does looking at it.

Victorian Hair Art : A Curious Way To Mourn

Christine Elfman - Cabinet Cards / Storydress II: "A series of photographs of a life-size paper mache and plaster sculpture. The dress is made of paper mache stories that I recorded of my great-grandmother’s autobiographical reminiscences.

Victorian mourning gown, ca. 1877

Circa 1877 Mourning dress in two pieces (front), black silk faille embroidered in black with decorative lacing

"The Spirit Hath Fled" - Victorian mourning locket with black and white enamel on 9k gold

THE SPIRIT HATH FLED- Victorian 9k Gold & Enamel MOURNING Locket

It's eerie, but there is a beauty about it. I think it's lovely how much the Victorians honored the dead.

Morbid History : The Victorian Art of Mourning

Oh, how ghastly! Learn more about Victorian history here|library/marc/dynix|405131

Morbid History : The Victorian Art of Mourning

Victorian mourning jewelry

They were fascinated by it, they took photos with their dead loves ones posed in a family type portrait, they had death rituals, they even had specific jewelry that is called Victorian Mourning Jewelry.

victorian mourning dress child | mourning-dress

Morbid History : The Victorian Art of Mourning

Though one cannot help but think of the heartbreaking reason why mourning clothing was called for, there is an undeniable beauty to these darkly hued Victorian fashions

Victorian Mourning Photography | 1878 : Victorian Mourning - Pictify - your social art network

Four Women Crying Tintype plate, circa 1878 Expressions of grief, especially crying, became a subject of memorial photography in the These photographs, with their emphasis on the bereaved.

Victorian graveyards stank...badly. The smell of overcrowded rotting bodies in graveyards during the Victorian era was notoriously terrible. In fact, the smell was so bad that it was thought to have a significant impact on the health of the local population. One gravedigger in Victorian London summed it up nicely. "I [have] emptied a cesspool, and the smell of it was rose-water compared with the smell of these graves."

- this sounds a lot better than hurst, death wagon, or coffin cruiser, although I'm still against illegal immigration, at any stage of life.

The Met Costume Institute's new show "Death Becomes Her" - Victorian Mourning Fashion and Mourning Jewelry! tres goth.

The Met’s New Exhibit, ‘Death Becomes Her,’ Will Thrill Your Inner Goth

The exhibition Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire, on view through February explores the aesthetic development and cultural implications of mourning fashions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Stunning Victorian mourning brooch with hair weave and small, tiny seed pearls.