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a large building with lots of windows on the top floor and some green grass in front of it
Waddesdon Manor was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild between 1874 and 1885 to display his collection of arts and to entertain the fashionable world. It really is enormous and has a French Chateau feel about it too. It was really cold when we visited yesterday and would have loved to have seen more of the incredible garden. We may to re visit . . . #cotswolds #myhousebeautiful #nationaltrust #weekendtime
an old house with vines growing on it's side and two potted plants in front
Property Search Agent, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire
I’m coming back to photograph this house next Spring when the wisteria is out on this gorgeous house. Love the windows and slightly wonky roof ❤️
an old house with stone walkway leading to it
Property Search Agent, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire
So with the Christmas holidays starting I really wanted to get out there with the family and see some National Trust. Avebury Manor sits on the edge of the village, not far from a 500 year old stone. Apparently it is very hands on when it comes to visiting this house. Encouraged to go in and lie on the beds, play snooker and sit on chairs. Gosh the damage that the kids could do! 🤣 @forgottenheritage .
an open door leading to a lush green garden with flowers on the ground and stone steps
Snowshill Manor & Gardens, The Cotswolds UK by robin denton, via Flickr This is one of the most inspirational places I have visited - once home to Charles P Wade and his vast, eccentric collections which take over the house.