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Only wanted to grab you a thousand times or so...

Hold hands and walk barefoot along the beach ✔️ 01 November With Keith at Plimmerton Beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon- Well I was bare foot

Wearing Your Smile Click For 45 More I Love You Quotes #smile #smiling #gift

I wear this smile everyday he goes out of his way to make sure I'm smiling and laughing. Ain't that live when we both can still make each other smile after all these years~my baby❤️

Actually the opposite-that I'll never fall in love again.

I am afraid of it too. I don't know it's just a nagging feeling in my heart that tells me that i won't ever be loved


Once we honor our true self life does make remarkable shifts to help you see and become this person you are:) and the shift comes w those unauthentic people in your life leaving.

One dayy.

DONE! Own Something From Tiffany & Co. -- My engagement ring is from Tiffany & Co. and we also have a Tiffany & Co. ornament on one of our ornament trees (hung with high end ornaments like Waterford, Swarovski, Lenox, etc.


Bucket List - Have a Glitter fight! As long as i don't have to clean it up and i feel like i would keep finding sparkles on me for months. oh well :)