Cute Christmas card for kids to make

Just about everyone sends cards to friends and family during the holiday season. Instead of buying cards this year put the kids to work. Everyone feels special when they receive a card but a cust…

15 Christmas Crafts for Kids

15 Christmas Crafts for Kids

15 Christmas Crafts for Kids- Keep your kids busy on Christmas break with these holiday craft projects. Many of them use basic items from around your home.

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thumb prints made into Christmas lights. Easy craft to do with the kids. To enhance this, I might extend the strand each year, so by the time they are older, you have a long string of thumb print lights.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake. Easy #crafts for kids to make for the #holidays.

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DIY ;) How cute is this? And, the "cloche" is actually made from a two-liter plastic bottle.

4 great snowman crafts that the kids can do.Jan 2013 DIY a snowman cloche from a repurposed two-liter plastic soda bottle. There are a lot of diy's on this site.

Kids Creative Chaos: Easy Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

13 Easy Eatable Edible Christmas Craft Activities for Kids

Diy snowmen

Would be a fun craft for my kids at school! Snowman Milk Jugs - Free Christmas Recipes, Coloring Pages for Kids & Santa Letters - Free-N-Fun Christmas