Carrie Hansen Swan Textile Design- I actually love this as a tattoo idea, just one bird between shoulder blades...

Carrie Hansen Swan Textile Design Ideas for repeating patterns, classic art deco time - I'm obsessed with this .

This design is organic in nature but also has the geometric qualities of Islamic design - it's lovely

Apartment 'Bazillion': day and night / openness and privacy / warm and cold

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Chvrches- Clearest Blue I like the idea of the straight edge shapes and the repetitive nature of the design, I think this links well to the song genre. I could create my own through Lino print and make sure it tiles exactly perfectly.

Illustration & Surface Pattern Design

Illustration & Surface Pattern Design lovely illustrative repeat pattern print design whale art which would look great as wallpaper or fabric too

Create patterns using Photoshop, Illustrator, pens, paints or pencils - Digital Arts

19 pattern design tips Learn how to create beautiful repeating patterns using your choice of Photoshop, Illustrator, pens, paints or pencils – as leading illustrators and textile designers reveal their secrets.

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Add a bit of fun to your functional kitchen with this soft and absorbent tea towel boasting a fun print.