Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt - High Tide - oil on canvas, - I wonder if my Master knows Why Is the Tide So High Does God just turn his bath taps on Way up in the Sky

Gary Bunt...

The View ~ On top of the world Taking in the view Nobody else Just me and you ~ Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt

Down by the sea on a windy day My old master and me When we get home I'll have a bone And he will have a nice cup of tea gary bunt

Gary Bunt | (11) Puppy For Sale

It\& Christmas EveIt\& wrong to leaveThat puppy on his ownI want my master To buy himSo that we canTake him home

GARY BUNT  The Rumour

GARY BUNT The Rumour: We heard a rumour Down at the pub That this afternoon at three You've got Titchmarsh off the telly Popping round for tea

GARY BUNT No Man Is An Island

No Man is an Island by Gary Bunt, lovely painting of a seaside town view through the window of a home