Still think of them as Marathons and not Snickers! Who remembers the advert with the song "Marathon "

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

1968 Marathon came to the UK courtesy of Forrest Mars Sr estranged from the family business in the States - but free to adapt the recipes for European tastes

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These were around when I was a kid and even older ones. Very basic as you would expect. Funny but you still see the lamp holder on bikes today.

EVER READY FRONT CYCLE LAMP. Every kids nightmare in the it looked like it belonged down a coalmine came complete with a free Canary and the batteries were so big you could jump start a car.

I had this children's bible: in colour

I absolutely loved this - mine had the same cover! It was a large, heavy hardback book. I read the stories and looked at all the pictures countless times, until the cover fell off!


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1960s G.E Dry Iron

1960s G.E Dry Iron

Cadbury's chocolate, a British candy product that's delicious

Cadbury vending machines at the train station.the absolutely best chocolate. Cadburys Fruit and nut

Woodward's Gripe Water - Gives infant relief to infants and babies cyring due to gripe and stomach pain caused by acidity and indigestion.

Did anyone make a Turnip Lantern for Halloween? Nowadays Pumpkin Lanterns are more fashionable, but children used to make turnip lanterns.