Rubber pants to cover cloth diapers.

Every one of my kids wore cloth diapers and rubber pants. Before the day of disposable diapers, cloth diapers were pinned on and then covered with waterproof pants which were referred to as "rubber pants.

Getting a star in elementary school

Star stickers for school work. My piano teacher used them also. You strived for the gold star!

go go boots - My sisters and I had these.

Wet look boots. Some people call these go-go boots, but I remember those as being ankle-high white boots that zipped up the back (at the heel).

The Adventures of Robin Hood, the 1950s TV series starring Richard Greene which aired on ITV and CBS

The Adventures of Robin Hood,series starring Richard Greene which aired on CBS - -

Whoah. Now these are old "school"! Haha

Old School Paper Cutter Our art teacher lost the tip of her finger using one of these.

the string bag

the string bag - my mom and sister had these, I think they came free with some product, Herbal Essence shampoo I think

.I remember getting these when on vacation with the kids....

Picture Viewfinders - i remember these.Remember when we used to get them at Cedar Point? You'd get your picture taken when you first walked in the gate, then you could buy them later that day. We still have some of ours.