Photographer Martin Klimas paints like Pollock with sound. » Beautiful, wonderful colors.

Painting with sound, awesome! The artist Martin Klimas splattered paint in different colors over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then turning the volume up, the vibration of the speaker sent the paint aloft in patterns.

Martin Klimas translates Kraftwerk music into photos

Martin Klimas translates Kraftwerk music into photos

German artist Martin Klimas, translates music into images, whoa, way cool!

Martin Klimas - Paint with Sound  <3  The vibrations of a speaker playing loud, heavy percussion music sends paint flying. GENIUS

"Run, Run, Run" by Velvet Underground & Nico ~ Electric Colored Paint Dances to Different Genres of Music ~"What Does Music Look Like?" by Martin Klimas

High speed photographs of exploding flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen by Martin Klimas.   See many more at the link:

"Rapid Bloom," German photographer Martin Klimas captured these spectacular high-speed photographs of shattering flowers that had been dipped in liquid nitrogen and dried with an air gun.

This is from a series of photographs by German artist Martin Klimas. Porcelain figures are dropped and photographed at the moment of impact.

“ Crashing Porcelain Action Figures by Martin Klimas all images courtesy and © martin klimas German photographer martin klimas created the series ‘porcelain figurines’. the collection of.

Most people see a pile of dice. I see the most epic fireball spell in D history.

Martin Klimas was born in 1971 in Lake of Konstanz, Germany. He received his degree in Visual Communications from Fachhochschu.

Martin Klimas / Photos of shattering figurines. Awesome.

Crashing porcelain action figures- "german photographer martin klimas created the series 'porcelain figurines'. the collection of images were captured just as each of the fragile objects hit the ground after being dropped from a height of feet.