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Britpop, Parka, 60 S, Grim Reaper

Stephen McRobbie of The Pastels and Jill Bryson of Strawberry Switchblade. (1982) Picture: Peter McArthur

Stephen Robbie (The Pastels) and Jill Bryson (Strawberry Switchblade), Peter McArthur, courtesy of Sam Knee (author of A Scene In Between).

Indie Girl 1981

Indie Girl 1981

The Shop Assistants

In the late my friend Rick Vorndran made me a tape of a record he bought while in England,.

The original and bestest ever. Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey. "I'll be your plastic toy"

"Listen to the girl / As she takes on half the world/ Moving up and so alive, in her honey dripping beehive." Jesus & Mary Chain 1992 @ Great Woods, in Norton MA.