northern soul

Al Minns and Leon James demonstrate some jazz steps, from August 1961 Ebony magazine article on the history of American social dancing.

skinheads- the skinheads grew out of "hard mods" and were considered to be a subculture by the late 60s. Skinheads were "aggressively proletarian, puritanical and chauvinist...(55). Skinheads were characterized by "cropped hair, braces, short, wide levi jeans or functional sta-prest trousers, plain or striped button-down Ben Sherman shirts and highly polished Doctor Marten boots" (52). The skinheads drew from two incompatible sources, west indian immigrants and white working class culture.

Skinheads Nr Carnaby St 1981 mods in the morning till 12 then ghost town and the skins arrive on masse

Mod Girl in her room

Mod girl Carole-Anne Martin, Who fan, March Photo by David Magnus.

Skinhead Girls, Brighton by Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers' Skinheads

Two skinhead girls photographed on a bank holiday in Brighton (an image later used by Morrissey on the Your Arsenal tour).

I just can't help it, I love skinhead girls... I can only hope to be this pretty when I get older.

more skinhead love…

The History of Skinheads "I want all you Skinheads to get up on your feet.

Original skinheads were actually from a musivcal genre from the UK. Completely different from those white supremacist a*holes.