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Have you guys heard the Abigail Breslin vine!? Lols if you haven't. Go watch it its funny. It has this clip in it!!

I'm sorry but this is my favorite thing ever. It makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

Mostly the first one<<same I dropped my teachers hand made mug today and the first words out of my mouth were Whoops and then the bell rang and I ran

I am currently in some fucked up mix of all of them.

first I was like, err, waat? Then I saw it, my live changed....(i burst out laughing)

Far left is Ashton (curly hair) text to him is Luke, then Calum (black hair) and the bald one is Micheal AND WE ALL KNOW WHY!

michael clifford funny quotes - Google Search

Actually Liz is the Queen, and Luke is magical fairy princess.

Soo, 5SOS are coming here in a few days.... And I could alrwady hear my friend's heart shattering. I didn't get tickets because I don't know most of their songs, but I like their songs on the radio. Guys, comment what your favorite song from them is and I'll give it a listen when I have time! Thanks!

5 Seconds of Summer: the Australian punk-pop band some critics love to hate

It makes it even better that this happened at 3:35 in the morning.

I’m gonna do it “I put the "hot” in psychotic"- Pisces, Aquarius “I put the "fun” in funeral"- Cancer, Scorpio “I put the "laughter” in slaughter"- Aries, Sagittarius “I put the "sass” in assassin"-.


One of the many reasons why Paranorman was an excellent film<<< happened in the book too