'Self-portrait' by German Dada artist Hannah Höch (1889-1978). Collage. via on art etc.:

'Self-portrait' by German Dada artist Hannah Höch collage. via on art etc.: Audrey's comment: I think she was influenced by Picasso's African masks here .

I don't know if it is but this reminds me of Hannah Hoch's work. Anyone know?

There a number of techniques which are incorporated into this aspect of Art. There are also various apps and workshops that can be used to create the photomontage including Paint, Photoshop and other Digital imaging websites.

Top Ten Collage Artists: From Hannah Hoch to Man Ray  |  John Stezaker, Muse (Film Portrait Collage) XVIII, 2012

Top 10 Collage Artists: Hannah Höch to Man Ray

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012 at the Photographers' Gallery- John Stezaker: Muse (Film Portrait Collage) XVIII Collage, x cm © Courtesy of the artist and The Approach, London

Hannah Hoch. dada.

Hannah Höch, Siebenmeilenstiefel, ca. 1934 Hannah Höch (November 1889 – May was a German Dada artist.

Cut with the Kitchen Knife through the First Epoch fo thte Weimar Beer-Belly Culture.  collage

Dada Art, by Hannah Hoch Cut With the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany

Hannah Höch: The “Quiet Girl” with a Big Voice (Part I) | Venetian Red Art Blog

Hannah Höch: The “Quiet Girl” with a Big Voice (Part I) | Venetian Red Art Blog

Hannah Höch: Das schöne Mädchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1920

Hannah Hoch – The Beautiful Girl – 1920

Hannah Höch Von Oben (From Above), 1926-1927

Hannah Höch: Von oben (From Above), photomontage and collage on paper x cm x 8 ¾ in.) Des Moines Art Center’s Louise Noun Collection of Art by Women through Bequest, 2003

Raoul Haussman. The Art Critic. Photomontage. 12 1/2"x10" - 1920.

Fig Raoul Hausmann The Art Critic Lithograph and photographic collage on paper support: 318 x 254 mm Purchased ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2002

Hannah Hoch (Whitechapel Gallery) Entre outras técnicas os dadaistas utilizavam frequentemente a colagem para se manifestarem. Hanna Hoch utilizava recortes de revistas como técnica de ruptura com caracter revolucionário e marcando a presença social da mulher pondo em eminência a emancipação feminina

Hannah Höch - Ohne Titel (Aus einem ethnographischen Museum), 1930 - Collage - x cm

Aus der Sammlung: Aus einem ethnographischen Museum [From the collection: From an ethnographical museum]

Hannah Hoch Aus der Sammlung: Aus einem ethnographischen Museum (From the Collection: From an Ethnographic Museum), Collage and gouache on paper, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh Bequeathed by Gabrielle Keiller, 1995