muted colors

Materials/Mood boards - paint colour pallet 1 of 2 photograph the paint (company style)


constructive embroidery

Inspired by building sites and construction, my final year project explores hand embroidery as a contemporary artistic expression.

Textile Design work by Abigail Gardiner

Textile Design work by Abigail Gardiner Good grief, look at the deconstructed bargello beading. Utterly mez but of course I would.

Floral Folk Embroidered

Floral Folk Embroidered Sweatshirt

This is really effective way to combine simple lines and a concise colour palate to quickly create an image. I like how it makes some 'pictorial' very modern and textural

Sofia Marianne Vincent

weaving through laddering! could weave i cords. or bias binding/bits of the fabric i'm using in other areas. could cut non bias binding and run through the bias machine to sew it or could vliesofix so there is no stitches showing

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